What does Advanced Microcavity Sensors do?

Advanced Microcavity Sensors was founded in 2015 by Dr Russell J Barbour in Bozeman Montana. Our long term vision is to commercialize new sensors and spectral imagers for biomedical imaging applications.

Services and products

Our key competency is in optical physics, particularly designing and fabricating concave micro-optic features on the surface of fused silica. We are able to custom fabricate:

  1. Arrays of microscopic sized ‘craters’ that are circular in shape via a state-of-the-art feedback controlled laser ablation system. Arrays of more than 100,000 features are possible. The diameter of the features can be as small as 10 microns and the depth range is 100 nm to 20 microns. The array pitch can be as small as 50 microns.
  2. Many other custom shapes can be fabricated on fused silica substrates such as trenches, toroids and other custom shapes.


All ablated surfaces are nearly atomically smooth (r.m.s surface roughness < 0.2 nm). This is smoother than most polished custom optics and allows superior optical quality surfaces in the microscopic regime to be achieved.

Microcavity High Finesse Tunable Filters

We are currently prototyping a revolutionary and low cost tunable filter technology. Our key technology offers:

  1. Superior spectral resolution
  2. Large Free Spectral Range
  3. Spectral stability
  4. No hysterisis
  5. Low cost and versatility

For more information on Advanced Microcavity Sensors, the fabrication services and tunable filter products that we can provide, please feel free to contact Russell J Barbour at AdvancedMicrocavitySensors@mail.com